Anne McCormack

Hello, my name is Anne McCormack and I’m a New Zealand-based healing facilitator who practices aromatherapy, remedial massage, energy healing, and psychic mediumship who truly understands how our unique healing paths lead us somewhere special.

I have been doing this work for more than twenty-six years and my approach to healing facilitation is a very personal one, and perhaps very different from what many others are offering. I have the academic training and the life experience and I’ve been able to use that training to nurture myself through very challenging times in recent years. So I really know how potent my healing tools are.

My background is a rather diverse one as I spent many years working alongside engineers, architects, and builders within the construction industry. You might say I was the odd one around the offices I worked in, and you’d be dead right about that.

In fact, growing up I was pretty much always the odd one out because I was such an emotional child.

I was bullied and chastised for wearing my emotions on my sleeve as a child. I learned from a very young age that this was something wrong, and I developed the bad habit of shutting down emotionally when dealing (or not dealing) with difficult situations.

Feeling alone

I know all about avoiding difficult feelings and stifling aspects of myself to appease others. Into my adult years, I brushed difficult emotions and situations under a bushel and ignored my intuition.

I was forever trying to escape feeling alone, but the feeling was continuously compounded upon being confronted with the tidal waves of feelings when the memories of what I’d stifled came flooding back. Rather than risking rejection and being treated like I was nuts, I retreated to deal with those feelings the best I could.

I focussed on my wrongness. I didn’t value the wonderful.

In recent years though, things have shifted somewhat. I’ve attracted into my life people who’ve played a huge part in encouraging me to stand tall and own my intuitive gifts.

When I stopped being ashamed of my intuition and started owning it like a boss (instead of relying on guidance from others), I stopped seeking external validation so much. Instead, consultations with trusted mediums became a way for me to confirm my own insights. And when those trusted mediums were unavailable, I learned to breathe and to pay attention to my own inner voice. I journaled my insights. And through that, I learned the value of my insights as what I had intuited for myself began playing out.

It wasn’t an easy thing to do. It was often hard and confronting. And it took discipline to break old patterns too. However, I learned many valuable and effective tools from numerous wonderfully gifted mentors to whom I will always be eternally grateful. I also realised how strong and resilient I really am.

You can learn the theory, but you need to develop your own wisdom

I’ve been studying healing modalities for nearly 30 years now. However, it’s only really been in the past few years that I’ve grown the wisdom. I’m a slow learner, but at least I’m learning!

Reading books and doing courses is not enough. At some point, you have to use the skills you’ve learned in a practical sense in order to build a strong intimate relationship with your inner wisdom, so you can walk alongside others and encourage them to explore just as you have.

There is no rote learning with healing work. After all, we’re all so unique and what resonates with one person, may not resonate with another.

Forever chopping wood

I’ve achieved a lot in my healing facilitation career so far. However, my learning and development have only just begun. It will be this way for the rest of my life and I love that.

After I earned my Diplomas in Aromatherapy and Remedial Massage back in the late 1990s, I worked in a number of successful healing clinics around Sydney. And it was around this time, I became aware of my ability to feel the pain and emotions of others.

Me on the far left at the tender age of 27 years of age. Taken at Om Shanti in Neutral Bay (Sydney)

My personal journey led me to study Metaphysics and Parapsychology at Chiara College. And my Aromatherapy and Remedial Massage repertoire grew to include chakra balancing, guided meditations, and even a gig as an in-store oracle reader.

I presented workshops and was a guest speaker for the New South Wales YWCA Encore Group for women coping with breast cancer. I also conducted workshops on chakra and auric awareness for the Australian Acting Academy in Brisbane (Australia).

I tried stepping away from the healing work and seeking a more grounded life in the construction industry. I ignored my mediumistic and healing abilities as I felt like I couldn’t succeed in the construction industry and do this work as I didn’t think I would be taken seriously. That’s what I was told anyway. However, I realised I couldn’t continue ignoring a huge part of myself. It’s my vocation. It’s like society asking you if you wouldn’t mind chopping off your left leg so as not to challenge their sensibilities. Ummm… NO!!! Not anymore.

And so, I decided to get back out there and be whole. I felt like I was once again a fresh-faced student, just starting out.

Growth and change are inevitable

In 2016, I started Peacock Dreaming, a small venture through which I began expressing my creativity and healing work via a means that I convinced myself would be more palatable to those around me.

I published two books. ‘Lovitude: Trying To Calm The Monkey Mind‘ and ‘Peacock Dreaming: The Wisdom of Flowers‘ (which I won an award for). Both of these books incorporated my nature photography and mindfulness, with the intention of providing inspiration, comfort, and joy to anyone who turned their pages.

Me blessed to be signing one of my books for a customer

I joined a local spiritual development group in Nelson (New Zealand) around 2018 and within six months or so I was standing up in front of groups and doing public mediumship demonstrations for a couple of local organisations.

My evolutionary snowball grew

It was inevitable that I would be forced to relinquish everything that held me back. I wasn’t prepared for the grief, anger, anxiety, and depression that surfaced.

There, too, was a shame. I was ashamed of not being courageous enough to confront it, and I was mortified that I had allowed myself to get to this point of emotional and psychological dis-ease in spite of all that I’d achieved in my career.

Everything has its time and place

Fast forward to 2021, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life. I moved to another part of New Zealand, and I got brave and decided to totally own my uniqueness.

I established The Peacock Dreaming Studio in New Brighton (Christchurch) with the intention of fully embracing my healing and mediumship skills while also finding myself property-related work where I could totally own myself exactly as I am. In partnership with Leasa Anderson, owner of the iconic New Brighton spiritual mecca, ‘Leasa – Heart and Soul’, we produced two successful psychic mediumship evenings which entailed nearly three hours of live readings in front of an audience of around forty people. I also regularly did Facebook Live readings (which I look forward to doing more of in the very near future).

The Peacock Dreaming Studio in New Brighton (Christchurch)

This transition and completely owning who I am and getting out there in every aspect of my life – I absolutely nailed it!

While continuing to offer healing treatments and reading for people from New Brighton, I’ve also now relocated to the beautiful country town of Oxford (an hour north-west of Christchurch, at the base of the alps) where I’ve established a new and improved version of The Peacock Dreaming Studio which allows me to comfortably run the many workshops I’ve been yearning to offer. Not to mention, more writing projects in the pipeline.

The Peacock Dreaming Studio in Oxford (North Canterbury)

To find out about the sessions I offer (which I refer to as ‘treats for the Mind, Body & Soul’), please click on the button below.

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